Aberle Pure Throws Light On Benefits Of Online Recruitment

Recruitment is a complex process and involves several steps such as creation of vacancies, collecting and storing applicants’ data, short-listing candidates for interviews, scheduling and conducting interviews, and subsequently, hiring personnel. Recruitment expert Aberle Pure explains how online recruitment can save time and efforts as compared to a conventional recruitment procedure.

Demerits of conventional recruitment process

Recruitment process through the conventional method involves publishing recruitment ads in print media and receiving applications from suitable candidates. These applications are sorted manually to prepare lists of candidates to be called for preliminary interview and test.

Candidates have to appear physically for the test and interview. After screening qualified candidates are called for a final round of interview. Final recruitment is based on result of this interview and candidates clearing the same are hired.

Backed by vast experience in the field of Human Resource Development Aberle Pure throws light on the demerits of such a process. This process is excruciatingly time consuming. It may take weeks before the selection of right candidates is done.

It is also expensive since candidates have to travel to the venues of interviews or tests. The organization cannot expect applications from a wider geographical area thereby reducing prospects of hiring the best of the talent from across the country or even the world.

Multiple facets of online recruitment process

Online recruitment dramatically reduces time for the entire process. It diminishes the need for a staff to conduct various tests and interviews. A process involving web-based hiring process that also offers the facility for online test makes recruitment easy from the point of view of recruiter and candidates.

It consists of a central system to control and monitor the whole process of tests and interviews. The following activities are done online in such a process:

• Announcement of vacancies
• Storing applications and relevant data
• Announcement of test dates
• Registration of candidates
• Conducting online tests
• Declaration of results of online test

Online recruitment is a highly sophisticated way of recruiting right candidates from across a vast geographical area. It saves an immense amount of time and costs. These are user friendly systems and offer outstanding security and efficiency. Aberle Pure strongly recommends this as a robust tool to solve all recruitment related issues by reducing time, expenditure, and need for staff.



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